Application Process

All applications (both Standard TLEF and Flexible-Learning TLEF) must be submitted to the relevant Dean’s or Principal’s office for processing by that Faculty’s or College’s internal deadline.  Applicants are asked to check with their Dean’s/Principal’s office regarding the internal deadline date.

New in 2013:  Please indicate on the first page of your application whether you are applying for Standard TLEF funding or Flexible-Learning TLEF funding.  There is an area on the application form for this.

The Dean’s/Principal’s office will then forward all applications to the Office of the Provost and VP Academic (to the attention of Selina Fast at the address below) by Thursday, November 21, 2013.  It is suggested that the Faculty’s/College’s internal deadline occur at least one week prior to Provost Office’s deadline.

Applicants are asked NOT to forward applications directly to the Office of the Provost.

Late applications will not be accepted.  Emailed applications will not be accepted.

Faculties/Colleges are welcome, but not required, to rank the proposals, and/or provide comments that may help the Adjudication Committee to see the proposal in the context of the Faculty’s/College’s strategic priorities.  Faculties/Colleges must submit all applications they receive.

Updated in 2013:  Applicants should provide 1 original application plus 13 copies, all on stapled, double-sided, three-hole-punched paper. The Dean’s signature must appear on the original application, but the 13 copies may bear the Dean’s photocopied signature.

An Adjudication Committee comprising broad UBC faculty representation will review all applications and recommend which should be awarded funding.  Letters will be sent to Principal Applicants in early-mid March indicating whether or not their proposals were successful, and in the case of successful proposals, how much funding will be allocated.


All interested applicants to Standard TLEF funding are invited to attend a workshop held by the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.  The workshop is intended to help prospective applicants understand what makes a successful application, and includes an overview of TLEF criteria and a question/answer period.  Workshop information can be found here.


MS Word version

PDF version

Interim Progress Report Form  (must be attached to applications for 2nd or 3rd year funding)


In developing a proposal for the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF), an accurate budget projection is important.  For your assistance, please see below a table of cost estimates for some services that are sometimes included in TLEF proposals.  Please note that the Committee will normally not fund these services at higher rates.

Item Estimated   Rate / Cost
Instructional Design
Educational Project Management Consultation and Facilitation
  • $54.00/hr – internal
  • $65.00/hr or higher – market rate
Computer ProgrammingBrochure/Pamphlet Design & PublicationGraphic Arts Design
Web Design and Development
  • $17.00-$20.00/hr – undergraduate student
  • $25.00-$30.00/hr – graduate student
  • $40.00-$50.00/hr – UBC staff
  • $50.00-$65.00/hr – market rate (higher if consulting organizations used)
Keynote Speaker / Presenter Range
  • $50.00 – $125.00/hr (highly variable)
  • travel extra
Web Maintenance & Hosting For TLEF projects of low complexity, hosting is available free of charge through either UBC Blogs or
For extensive programming or integration with UBC systems, additional budget should be factored in.  Costs will vary depending on the site design and complexity, and individual needs.
Media production kit Up to $3000 – hardware or software to fund basic self-produced media content; e.g. Wacom graphics tablet,   lighting kit/microphone; software license; basic training
Media Production – à la carte (internal UBC rates) Pre-production:

  • Consulting, script writing, story boards, location scouting project management — $85.00/hr

Studio Rentals:   9am – 5pm

Stage 1 

  •   Half Day: $400 (4 hrs)
  •   Full Day:  $600 (8 hrs)

Stage 2 

  • $150   (2 hr. minimum)
  • $250   (half day = 4 hours)
  • $350   (full day = 8 hours)

Equipment Rental:

HD Camera:  $200/day

Lighting:  $150/day

Tripod:  $30/day

16 GB Card:  $10/day

Teleprompter:  $100/day

GreenScreen:  $30/day

Audio Package:  $30/day

Stage 1, Total Full Day In-Studio Package = $1150/day

Stage 2, Total Full Day In-Studio Package = $900/day

Additional Costs:

  • Camera Operator: $50/hr (required with UBC equipment)
  • Location PA:  $35/hr (4 hr. minimum, required for location shoots)
  • Field Operator:  $50/hr  (audio, 4 hr. minimum)
  • Post Production:  $125/hr
Printing Between 5 and 10 cents per page, depending on the quality of paper
Student Wages – CUPE 2278 – (rates   include benefits); on Sep. 1/13 these rates will increase by 2%.

    * A portion ($6.00/hr) of the salaries below may be subsidized under the Work Study Program.  Rates include benefits.  Add 4% vacation pay.
  • GTA I:  $30.13/hr
  • GTA II:  $28.99/hr
  • UTA:  $14.46/hr
  • Marker:  $13.87/hr
  • RA – rates set at the Faculty’s discretion


  • Project Worker – *$15.40 – $16.43/hr
  • Project Assistant – *$17.95 – $19.03/hr
  • Office/Library Worker – *18.02/hr
  • Researcher/Professional – *$22.12 – $31.86/hr




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